Being someone’s first love maybe great, but to be their last is beyond perfect. Meet Jojo, a guy who has conquered a dozen of girl (Jojo knows the definition of beautiful girl since he still in his mom’s pregnancy, said Uung) and Uung, a woman who did the same thing as well as Jojo. Then they met each other and fell in love. What a great love story, isn’t ? I’m just kidding.


I know their love story isn’t that simple, but this is what I want to say. What makes this love story great? They met each other and then fell in love? Nope. The moment that they decided to make their love became the last is the best part of this story. So it doesn’t matter who’s the first, the second, the third, etc. It is like a journey, a past becomes a history, a history becomes an experience, and an experience becomes a lesson. A lesson to love better. A lesson to treat better. This is only my opinion, if you read a book until you know how’s the ending then why you should read again? It’s not important to be their first love, because the most important thing of all is being the last one.


This is my love journal about Jojo and Uung, a simple e-session but so intimate. Keep being young and crazy guys.


brushed by @alodiasuradja (on instagram)
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