This post should’ve been posted last February, but I have to admit that last month was my busiest month, ever. So let’s assume this post is for February. :p
As I said before (and always), every wedding day is special and different. As a wedding photographer, I have a personal definition about my favourite wedding party. Some of weddings that I shoot have a deepful meaning to me. And it comes not only because I knew the couple before their wedding day, but also how genuine and truthful the atmosphere at their wedding day are.
Honestly, I shot this wedding on the last day of 4 days wedding marathon. Am I tired ? of course a big YES. But when I saw the atmosphere of their wedding from the morning, and somehow I had a bigger spirit and more enthusiastic than my days before. And I didn’t even know or?met Agung and Ardilla before that day. It was a rare feeling for someone like me.
Thankyou Agung and Ardilla for trusting me as your wedding photographer. Even it was a short session, but I’m truly grateful for it. I really love your wedding and you guys inspired me a lot. Hope you guys have blessed marriage life.
organized by @faithproduction
brushed by @kunsoomakeupartist
gown by @house_of_lea
video by @eloise.picture
venue at moonlight chapel of @imperial_ballroom
decorated by @steve_decor
wedding cake by @lareiacakerie
MC by @denozsuryajaya and @joyzemirah
and acoustic band by @inside_band


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hello 2017,

The wedding of @mellisavillani and @senho_wu .



Photo by @yohaneschn
Organized by @fairytaleorganizer
Make up by @cherryjks
Hairstylist by @tominjoo
Gown by @ameliakartikasari @tinarabridal
Crown by @rinaldyyunardi
Suit by @wonghangtailor
Video by @prestigeweddingfilm
Venue @grandcitysby
Photoshoot @hotelmajapahitsby
Decoration @siondecor

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Happy new year guys! it’s always been good to write here again and again. In 2017, I’ll promise to write in this blog more than ever, so please support me guys. :)
This time, I won’t talk to much, I just want to share what I feel so far as a wedding photographer. Whenever I have an engagement session, (almost) every couples feel so tired and want the session finished sooner. Then I think to myself, do they really enjoy it? If they don’t, why they don’t enjoy it? It should be one of the best moment in their life, but if they don’t enjoy the session, then why they still do it? And the other couple do the same thing again. Did the engagement session really needed?
So I try to change the method. and the key is, just do what they want, what make them happy, be simple, be natural, be enjoyable, and please reduce using “too-much” gowns, shall we?
And here’s the engagement session of Ronald and Vina, another lovely couple. I hope you guys enjoy it!


brushed by @amandamichu (on instagram)



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Being someone’s first love maybe great, but to be their last is beyond perfect. Meet Jojo, a guy who has conquered a dozen of girl (Jojo knows the definition of beautiful girl since he still in his mom’s pregnancy, said Uung) and Uung, a woman who did the same thing as well as Jojo. Then they met each other and fell in love. What a great love story, isn’t ? I’m just kidding.


I know their love story isn’t that simple, but this is what I want to say. What makes this love story great? They met each other and then fell in love? Nope. The moment that they decided to make their love became the last is the best part of this story. So it doesn’t matter who’s the first, the second, the third, etc. It is like a journey, a past becomes a history, a history becomes an experience, and an experience becomes a lesson. A lesson to love better. A lesson to treat better. This is only my opinion, if you read a book until you know how’s the ending then why you should read again? It’s not important to be their first love, because the most important thing of all is being the last one.


This is my love journal about Jojo and Uung, a simple e-session but so intimate. Keep being young and crazy guys.


brushed by @alodiasuradja (on instagram)
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Bali never fail to amaze me, there’s always something new to be explored. And it makes me choose bali as my favorite e-session destination. Near Bali, there is an island called Nusa Lembongan. It takes about 45 minutes to reach that Island with speedboat from Bali. Nusa Lembongan is just like a private island (yes, it’s a great destination for honeymoon), far away from city crowd, only beaches and cottages. And at night, having dinner at the local cafe, grab some beers, listen to the rumbling wave, and have chit chat until midnight, that’s a perfect combination. You guys should visit it someday.
Then I got a chance to meet Carsten and Ica while I had been there. Ica lives in Bali, and Carsten comes from Germany. They met each other at the wedding party of Ica’s friend in Bali. And they decided to take me to Bali as well as Nusa Lembongan. These are some of their moments that I captured. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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all i want to say

“proud to be your wedding photographer”




Make up & Hair do by Priscilla Myrna

Gown by Fifi Firianty

Venue at Pakuwon Imperial Ballroom

PF Decoration

Video by Save The Date Studios

Organize by Wedding Bells Planer

Second Shooter, Yohanes & Indra Stevanus

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love is a unique thing in this world. some people say that true love will be everlasting, but to make it become everlasting, there has to be a secret and it won’t be that easy. maybe love needs trust, commitment, patience or anything else. every couple have their own secret and it’s different from one and another. that’s why I called it “a love journal”.

meet Inov and Ayhwien, both are one of my best friends. She and I were class mates since junior high school. at Senior High school, Inov dated Ayhwien. I know (some of) their up side downs and how they pass the problems. finally, they came to me this early year and asked me to capture their love. I’m so happy for you guys!

they asked me to do an unordinary photo shoot. some concepts popped out from our talk, then we decided to do this street session. it was totally fun session after all. keep being young and crazy, don’t forget to visit casino again for the payback. and I really looking forward into your big day.

thank you for reminding me the joy of shooting lovebirds.




brushed by Amandamichu MUA ( instagram @amandamichu)

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Finally I’m here again. Yay. But I won’t write any story.?I just wanna say that every wedding is special, you may like someone’s wedding celebration and you really want to make your wedding day into theirs. Trust me, your wedding day won’t completely same, even you use the same vendors as them.Because wedding day isn’t all about us, the vendors, we’re there just for supporting your day. We may give some “effects” into your day, but it’s all about your story, your chemistry, your moments, your emotions.

Just be the real you on your day.

Best regards,

organized by Chronicle Event Organizer

make up by Fedya MUA

hair do by Mecca Hairstylist

Gown by Fifi Firianty

Hairpiece by Rinaldy A. Yunardi

Video by Blink Production Surabaya

Venue at JW Marriott Surabaya

Decoration by Arie Decor

Wedding cake by Hoshi Cake

Special Performance by Krisdayanti

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Beautiful Brush by Kunso

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