hi guys, this is my first post so if there is an error please be advised hahaha…okey lets talk about this couple, This couple is my friends at high school, and I can only say WOW now they’re going to get married, their love story started when still in school, nine years ago… what a durable time!!! here we go guys their prewedding Aditya + Arlyne in LOVE O NINE!!

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  • Anonymous

    Hei Gratz for your new website!!

  • Joetoejoe

    keren abis master satu ini!

  • Anonymous

    thankksss bro joee!! hahaha ente itu yang master

  • Lia

    Foto seng di jembatan rata2 keren…. :) keep up the good work.

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    thankyou lia.. really appreciate it… :)