It’s been 2 years since my last post in this Blog :(

I know I’m too busy ( or lazy ) to work on this page, and people nowadays love to surf on instagram better than blog, so I upload my photos on my Instagram

( instagram = indrastvns ) :p

oh yap, first I would like to say Happy new year 2016! May this year bring happiness to all of you guys!

God is so good to me, at the beginning of this year, He gave the most upredictable wedding to be captured. When I heard the name of ‘bride to be’ for the first time, I thought nothing. But after I knew her complete name, I knew that she is one of my gf’s friend.

Sometimes we meet Agus (Ming ming) n Irene in local church. I never know that Ming Ming is one of a kind. His craziness is truly beyond the limit. But that made their wedding day became more enjoyable to capture. And their wedding party was so amazing! I really love to capture your big day guys! Even me and my team were so tired at that day, but it was an honor to be a special part on your big day.
Have a blessed yet crazy marriage life!




Venue at sheraton surabaya

organized by Optimus Evenet Organizer

Make up by felicia sasongko

Video by Dekko Motion Pictures
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