This post should’ve been posted last February, but I have to admit that last month was my busiest month, ever. So let’s assume this post is for February. :p
As I said before (and always), every wedding day is special and different. As a wedding photographer, I have a personal definition about my favourite wedding party. Some of weddings that I shoot have a deepful meaning to me. And it comes not only because I knew the couple before their wedding day, but also how genuine and truthful the atmosphere at their wedding day are.
Honestly, I shot this wedding on the last day of 4 days wedding marathon. Am I tired ? of course a big YES. But when I saw the atmosphere of their wedding from the morning, and somehow I had a bigger spirit and more enthusiastic than my days before. And I didn’t even know or?met Agung and Ardilla before that day. It was a rare feeling for someone like me.
Thankyou Agung and Ardilla for trusting me as your wedding photographer. Even it was a short session, but I’m truly grateful for it. I really love your wedding and you guys inspired me a lot. Hope you guys have blessed marriage life.
organized by @faithproduction
brushed by @kunsoomakeupartist
gown by @house_of_lea
video by @eloise.picture
venue at moonlight chapel of @imperial_ballroom
decorated by @steve_decor
wedding cake by @lareiacakerie
MC by @denozsuryajaya and @joyzemirah
and acoustic band by @inside_band


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hello 2017,

The wedding of @mellisavillani and @senho_wu .



Photo by @yohaneschn
Organized by @fairytaleorganizer
Make up by @cherryjks
Hairstylist by @tominjoo
Gown by @ameliakartikasari @tinarabridal
Crown by @rinaldyyunardi
Suit by @wonghangtailor
Video by @prestigeweddingfilm
Venue @grandcitysby
Photoshoot @hotelmajapahitsby
Decoration @siondecor

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Finally I’m here again. Yay. But I won’t write any story.?I just wanna say that every wedding is special, you may like someone’s wedding celebration and you really want to make your wedding day into theirs. Trust me, your wedding day won’t completely same, even you use the same vendors as them.Because wedding day isn’t all about us, the vendors, we’re there just for supporting your day. We may give some “effects” into your day, but it’s all about your story, your chemistry, your moments, your emotions.

Just be the real you on your day.

Best regards,

organized by Chronicle Event Organizer

make up by Fedya MUA

hair do by Mecca Hairstylist

Gown by Fifi Firianty

Hairpiece by Rinaldy A. Yunardi

Video by Blink Production Surabaya

Venue at JW Marriott Surabaya

Decoration by Arie Decor

Wedding cake by Hoshi Cake

Special Performance by Krisdayanti

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Today is Valentine’s day and I upload a story in this blog, what a coincidence! [ of course not, I’ve planned it guys :) ]

How’s your valentine’s day? I hope it goes well. Even though some people say that you love someone everyday, not only in this day, but I am not a hundred percent with that. At least let’s pick one day in a whole year to do more for everyone that we love. Not only for our husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend but also our family, our friends, our colleague, etc. And why I said “to do more” instead “to love more” because love is more than word, love is a verb.

Finally the wait is over! Thank you Andrew & Lina for trusting me, Became your witness of your vow to love each other until the end of time is as touching as capture your moment in the esession before [but more fun, literally :p].

Well, enjoy your marriage life! and happy valentine for everyone who read this! [ and actually for who celebrate it ]

With Love,


organized by Violet L’evento

make up n gown by De Ritz

Video by Mazzel Production

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It’s been 2 years since my last post in this Blog :(

I know I’m too busy ( or lazy ) to work on this page, and people nowadays love to surf on instagram better than blog, so I upload my photos on my Instagram

( instagram = indrastvns ) :p

oh yap, first I would like to say Happy new year 2016! May this year bring happiness to all of you guys!

God is so good to me, at the beginning of this year, He gave the most upredictable wedding to be captured. When I heard the name of ‘bride to be’ for the first time, I thought nothing. But after I knew her complete name, I knew that she is one of my gf’s friend.

Sometimes we meet Agus (Ming ming) n Irene in local church. I never know that Ming Ming is one of a kind. His craziness is truly beyond the limit. But that made their wedding day became more enjoyable to capture. And their wedding party was so amazing! I really love to capture your big day guys! Even me and my team were so tired at that day, but it was an honor to be a special part on your big day.
Have a blessed yet crazy marriage life!




Venue at sheraton surabaya

organized by Optimus Evenet Organizer

Make up by felicia sasongko

Video by Dekko Motion Pictures
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Venue at The Taman Dayu

MUA by Felicia Sasongko

Cinema by Lunette Visual Industry

Organize by Gege Regina & Alexandra Caroline

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The secret to a happy marriage is you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content becausethe one you love is near to you, either upstair or downstairs, or in the same room,and you feel that warmth that you don’t find very often, then that is what love is all about.

Venue at Banyan Tree ungasan Bali

Gown by Fifi Firianty

MUA by Felicia Sasongko

Cinema by Save The Date Video

Organize by Rhapsody

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me and stefani didn’t know each other, we have just meet unexpected. She’s a good person, cheerful and friendly, anyway thanks for believing me to capture your precious moment in life.. **cheerss 😀

I’m not a good writer, so I don’t know how to best describe this wedding, all I know is that I have met people I hope to stay in touch with for the rest of my life, so I’ll leave you this pictures and I know these pictures can’t tell you the whole story, there’s no way they can explain it to you, but hopefully they will give you an idea. All I can give you is a glimpse, show you a fraction of what I saw, a taste of what we all felt.

“First, a word.

This is a celebration. This is not a sit on your hands, wait for it to be over, wondering what the readings mean wedding. This is a stand up and cheer wedding. This is a clap your hand joyous wedding. This is a day that you are a part of because you are awesome people and this is an awesome couple. and we’re to hoot and holler about that. So please feel free to be as joyful and raucous as you’d like. in fact, it is encouraged.” – jonas peterson-
Venue at Tirtha Uluwatu Bali
Gown by Peggy Hartanto
MUA by Upiq
Photo by Pictura & 0201
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Venue at Shangri-la Hotels
MUA & Hair do by House Of David
Video by Prestige
Special Performance by Project-Pop, Christian Bautista and Agnes Monica
Fabolous Wedding organized by Majestic Hocus Pocus

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