Trenchtown sung by Bob Marley said “One good thing about music, when it hits you fell no pain So hit me with music.

Every music or song brings different memories from a person to another, it’s like when you’re watching film or playing video games, there will be a backsound from a scene. I think our life isn’t much different from it. A song [especially old songs] can take us to our past memories. good or bad. bitter or sweet. strengthen or weaken. People says it depends on the lyric, but I don’t think so. In a song, not only the lyric have a main rule to bring the emotion, but also the person you were with when the song played all over again and again.

remember what song that played in the store, when your parents bought the things you want so bad ?
remember what song that played in radio, when your best friend broke his(her) promise to you?
remember what song that your crush recommended to you?
remember what song that your girlfriend (boyfriend) always sing it until you sick of it?
remember what song that played in the restaurant when your boyfriend ask you to marry him?
remember what song that played along at the funeral of the one you really love?

well, a simple e-session at Bali with Andrew & Lina made me realize that every couple has their own music. And I believe their music will speak louder than words to each other.

brushed by talented Make up Artist = @alodiasuradja (instagram)




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