Today is Valentine’s day and I upload a story in this blog, what a coincidence! [ of course not, I’ve planned it guys :) ]

How’s your valentine’s day? I hope it goes well. Even though some people say that you love someone everyday, not only in this day, but I am not a hundred percent with that. At least let’s pick one day in a whole year to do more for everyone that we love. Not only for our husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend but also our family, our friends, our colleague, etc. And why I said “to do more” instead “to love more” because love is more than word, love is a verb.

Finally the wait is over! Thank you Andrew & Lina for trusting me, Became your witness of your vow to love each other until the end of time is as touching as capture your moment in the esession before [but more fun, literally :p].

Well, enjoy your marriage life! and happy valentine for everyone who read this! [ and actually for who celebrate it ]

With Love,


organized by Violet L’evento

make up n gown by De Ritz

Video by Mazzel Production

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