love is a unique thing in this world. some people say that true love will be everlasting, but to make it become everlasting, there has to be a secret and it won’t be that easy. maybe love needs trust, commitment, patience or anything else. every couple have their own secret and it’s different from one and another. that’s why I called it “a love journal”.

meet Inov and Ayhwien, both are one of my best friends. She and I were class mates since junior high school. at Senior High school, Inov dated Ayhwien. I know (some of) their up side downs and how they pass the problems. finally, they came to me this early year and asked me to capture their love. I’m so happy for you guys!

they asked me to do an unordinary photo shoot. some concepts popped out from our talk, then we decided to do this street session. it was totally fun session after all. keep being young and crazy, don’t forget to visit casino again for the payback. and I really looking forward into your big day.

thank you for reminding me the joy of shooting lovebirds.




brushed by Amandamichu MUA ( instagram @amandamichu)

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