Finally I’m here again. Yay. But I won’t write any story.?I just wanna say that every wedding is special, you may like someone’s wedding celebration and you really want to make your wedding day into theirs. Trust me, your wedding day won’t completely same, even you use the same vendors as them.Because wedding day isn’t all about us, the vendors, we’re there just for supporting your day. We may give some “effects” into your day, but it’s all about your story, your chemistry, your moments, your emotions.

Just be the real you on your day.

Best regards,

organized by Chronicle Event Organizer

make up by Fedya MUA

hair do by Mecca Hairstylist

Gown by Fifi Firianty

Hairpiece by Rinaldy A. Yunardi

Video by Blink Production Surabaya

Venue at JW Marriott Surabaya

Decoration by Arie Decor

Wedding cake by Hoshi Cake

Special Performance by Krisdayanti



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