I knew Robert since I begun my university life. he was my senior in the same subject and we were in the same dorm. after we had some talks, I knew that we are from the same hometown and he is one of my bestfriend’s elder brother. it was a little bit surprising indeed, but as people often say, the world is small Robert is kind and hardworking, whereas Natalia is so nice. I hardly knew natalia back then but Natalia is friendly. she always greeted me even when we haven’t had an official shakehand at that time :))

For some people, university life is memorable and meaningful. It is a time when a lot of precious moments happen. For others, high school is just a little bit more fun.
This couple started their relationship since they were in university and, in the end, they ministered together in one of the churces in town. One thing that I couldn’t forget from Robert is this: Robert lived on first floor while I was on the second one. In the morning or afternoon, he always opened his door and sang. Whatever the song was, his voice was always able to reached my ears on the second floor. I just laughed so hard for the first time :)) And he was the first person I asked when there were problems with dorm’s connection

They had their wedding reception last October in Solo, my hometown. They chose a western-style wedding party, so it was an outdoor party. I love to capture both of western and eastern-style wedding, but I prefer the western one because I love simplicity. for me simplicity is the best. western-style party is more simple and meaningful, because the bride and groom can greet their families, friends and other guests directly while having a chat and drinking wine, they smile and laugh, what a beautiful moment! Unfortunately, heavy rain came before the party started and when it was almost over. regardless, praise the Lord, the party went so well and it was awesome!

Well, I’m sorry for this late post. Here are some pictures of their happiest moment in their life. best wishes for both of you, have a blessful marriage. congratulations!



Event Organizer : Victory
Video : Master
Photo : Pictura Photography
Venue : Lor In Solo


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