me and stefani didn’t know each other, we have just meet unexpected. She’s a good person, cheerful and friendly, anyway thanks for believing me to capture your precious moment in life.. **cheerss 😀

I’m not a good writer, so I don’t know how to best describe this wedding, all I know is that I have met people I hope to stay in touch with for the rest of my life, so I’ll leave you this pictures and I know these pictures can’t tell you the whole story, there’s no way they can explain it to you, but hopefully they will give you an idea. All I can give you is a glimpse, show you a fraction of what I saw, a taste of what we all felt.

“First, a word.

This is a celebration. This is not a sit on your hands, wait for it to be over, wondering what the readings mean wedding. This is a stand up and cheer wedding. This is a clap your hand joyous wedding. This is a day that you are a part of because you are awesome people and this is an awesome couple. and we’re to hoot and holler about that. So please feel free to be as joyful and raucous as you’d like. in fact, it is encouraged.” – jonas peterson-
Venue at Tirtha Uluwatu Bali
Gown by Peggy Hartanto
MUA by Upiq
Photo by Pictura & 0201
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